Doula services


1 x 90 min birth preparation consultations: 

We get to know each other and talk about your birthplan/ create a birthplan, you and your partners wishes/ expectations/ fears/ dreams concerning birth, partners role, doulas role during birth. 

Learn about the birthing process/ hormones / mother and baby  

Learn relaxation and breathing techniques, daily life essentials do's and don’ts, birthing massage and birthing positions.

Breastfeeding ­/ newborn care as well as babywearing, nutrition and the 4th trimester.

Telephone/email/facebook chat support (Outside of the on ­call period): Mon. - ­Fri. from 10:00 – 17:00. 

This also includes birth partners who have any questions or concerns!

On­ call 24/7: From week 38 until your baby is born!

Continuous birthing support: The type of support each woman or family needs is individual requiring improvisational flexibility on my part and will be discussed in depth at our pre­birth consultations. I stay with you during your entire birthing until after your baby has arrived and you are feeling safe, secure, settled and ready to rest.

Postpartum care: 2 hours of in­home postpartum consultation within the first 14 days of your birthing. This time can be used to talk about and process your experience, offer breastfeeding support, or hold your baby so you can take a shower or nap!

Price: Kr 14000,­-

Note: If you live more than 1 hour away driving additional supplements may appy


This package includes all in the Basic package in addition to:

Extended on ­call period: On call 24/7 from week 37 until your birth!

Birth preparation course 5 hrs. This is a practical and theoretical natural childbirth and parenting course designed to help you prepare emotionally and physically for the birthing and your journey into parenthood.

In­depth topics covered are: ­ Improving communication. ­ Deep relaxation exercise. ­ How to support the mother and baby during the pregnancy, birthing and beyond. ­ Stages of birth and early birthing time signs. ­ Relaxation, visualisation, and breathing techniques. ­ Active and optimal birthing positions and movement. ­ Natural and medicinal pain management. ­ Breastfeeding. ­ Babywearing, newborn care and the 4th trimester.

Extended postpartum care: 2 extra hours of postpartum care.

Price: kr 18 000,-

Note: If you live more than 1 hour away driving additional supplements may apply


Extended on­call period: Kr 1500, From week 37 until your birthing.

Birth Preparation Course 5 hrs: Kr 2500,­ couple/ Kr 1900,­ singles and students

Postpartum support min. 2hrs:  Kr 599­/ first hour Kr 300,- following hour (incl. breastfeeding support)                    

Placenta encapsulation: Kr 1800,- (if delivered). 

Prenatal rebozomassage 60 min: Kr 650 / Kr 850,­ (in your home) 

Postpartum rebozomassage 60 min: Kr 650 / Kr 850,­ (in your home)

Yoga Nidra 40 minute session: Kr 450,­ for relaxation and restorative sleep

Owner/Doula: Anette L'Orsa

Visiting address: Mågerøveien 171, 3145 Tjøme


Telephone:  +47 90075661. Please leave a message or send sms if I am unable to answer!